Rage Competition Kettlebells


Take your strength training routine up a notch with our competition-grade kettlebells.

Available in a variety of weights, each kettlebell is constructed with a consistent diameter bell and handle size. Boasting a steel shell construction and a polished steel handle for smooth handling and fluid maneuvering, fitness enthusiasts can enjoy a more comfortable, perfectly balanced workout.

Shipping 2-3 Working Days

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  • Color coded by weight
  • Polished steel 1.25’’ diameter handle
  • Consistent diameter across all weights
  • Increase strength and endurance through compound full body movements
  • Perfectly smooth handles to minimize hand fatigue and blistering
  • Can be used for numerous strength building exercises
  • Competition size and once piece steel construction.
  • Available in 4 Kg increments from 4-48 Kgs

12KG, 16kg, 20KG, 24KG, 28KG, 32KG, 36KG, 44KG, 48KG, 8KG


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