Origin Urethane Olympic Weight Disc


  • Sold as Single Plates
  • Steel inner ring slide effortlessly onto bar
  • Urethane material is odourless
  • Separator creates gap for easy access
  • Bold, red weight indicator insert
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The Origin Urethane Olympic Weight Plates are more durable than their rubber counterparts and still boast the same great features.

The Origin Urethane Olympic Weight Plate has a triple handle design which allows for improved grip and greater handling. This design also allows for a variety of other exercises.

The integrated separators create a gap which allows easy access to grip the plates when putting on, or taking off, the bar.

The black finished steel inner ring means the plates slide onto the weight bar or storage racks with ease, and also protects the outer rubber plate from any damage.

The bold weight indicator insert enables easy and quick identification of the weight in KG.

Due to the varying diameters of these plates, they should not be used in exercises in which the bar, and / or weight plates are dropped, or lowered to the floor in a less than controlled manner. For exercises like these we recommend Origin Olympic Bumper Weight Plates as they have the same diameter, and therefore will disperse the force of impact evenly, reducing the risk of damaging the floor or the plates.

ManufacturerOrigin Fitness
Diameter1.25kg: 161mm
2.5kg: 184mm
5kg: 275mm
10kg: 325mm
15kg: 370mm
20kg: 393mm
MaterialsCast iron core with urethane coating and steel collar opening
ConstructionPoured urethane
Collar Opening50.5mm ± 0.1mm
Shore Hardness90 Shore A
Weight Tolerance± 2% of claimed weight
Thickness1.25kg: 30mm
2.5kg: 35mm
5kg: 36mm
10kg: 45mm
15kg: 48mm
20kg: 55mm
Insert Diameter50mm for all
Warranty TypeCommercial Warranty
Commercial Warranty DetailsOrigin products are covered by a 36-month limited manufacturer’s warranty from date of purchase against manufacturing defects unless stated otherwise. This warranty does not include wear and tear.

1.25KG, 2.5KG


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