The special Executive K-Bag is a weighted bag filled with sand that we have specifically designed for your functional workout.

Thanks to their soft and comfortable structure and the equal distribution of the internal weight, our Executive K-Bag is particularly indicated to perform lunges, squats, pushes and pulls with more dynamics and explosive movements compared to conventional weights.

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With our Executive K-Bag, you can combine in just one workout, the benefits of a weightlifting program with the movement elasticity required by the functional training.

Our Executive K-Bag has six strong handholds coated with soft material. These handholds have a firm grip for lifting and the execution of a wide number of exercises.

Our K-Bag is now more resilient to friction and impacts thanks to two materials:

  1. BTEX-M1 (self-extinguishing): long-lasting, particularly soft to the touch and pleasant to the eye.
  2. NARVIK: a special ecoleather that offers the maximum resistance and hand-grip despite sweating.

The new longitudinal handhold of our Executive K-Bag is the major innovation of this product line: longer and more comfortable, it allows you to perform some exercises that were impossible to do before.


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