BV Sport Pro Recovery Socks


The PRORECUP® ELITE recovery sock is a compression product that combines the technical features of intelligent textiles with the scientific validations from the BV Sport patent.

This recovery sock is made using a special knitting technique and compression pressure calibrated on numerous amateur and professional athletes since 1998.

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BV SPORT’s crown jewel since 1998, and undoubtedly the most technical product, this recovery sock is made using a special knitting technique and pressure calibrated on high-level athletes for a number of years.
It is used and praised by over 10,000 high-level athletes and professional players, and the number of users continues to increase at all levels every day.

The adapted compression effect on the CALF, which really is a vascular and muscular sponge, facilitates the rapid elimination of poorly oxygenated and toxin-filled venous blood (lactic acid, free radicals, CO2…) Your muscle, tendon and ligament fibres will very quickly be fuelled with oxygenated blood, thereby enabling you to recover as quickly as possible in order to complete your training sessions and competitions one after the other in excellent conditions.


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