Body Bike Classic


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arrowUnrivaled Gym Bike

arrowHigh Quality Design

arrowKnown For Reliability & Durability

arrowDelivering High Workloads & Demands

arrowElectro-polished Stainless Steel Frame

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The BODY BIKE Classic is known for reliability. The strong design, strength and durability coping with big work load. The cycle is available BODY BIKE Classic Stainless Steel which has an electro-polished stainless steel frame. Ideal for gyms where the Bike will be working all the time.

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A strong wish to create the ultimate indoor cycle combined with years of hard work lie behind the BODY Bike Classic. The elegance, high quality and durability of the BODY BIKE Classic are unquestioned and unparalleled. The indoor cycle is available in many different colours leaving it up to you to choose you favourite. The indoor cycle is also available in a stainless steel version, BODY BIKE Classic Stainless Steel. This model has an electro-polished stainless steel frame which makes it the perfect choice for fitness centers with a demanding schedule.

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