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Breathing is the core principal behind the Phantom Training Mask. We breathe. Inhale and exhale, without thinking, our whole life. Breathing is a natural process which we don’t pay attention to, it happens in the subconscious. And yet breathing affects our whole body. That is why especially athletes who do a lot of sports and want to push their bodies over the limit should use the potential of controlled breathing techniques.

This is how breathing works and how the Phantom Training Mask is functioning

The breathing process consists of two phases: Inhaling and exhaling. This procedure is based on a physical law. Simply put, gases always move from areas with higher pressure to areas with lower pressure. Therefore, when our breathing muscles contract, the space in our rib cage increases. This causes a vacuum and the air flows – just as physics tell us – into our lungs to equalize the pressure. The lungs are very flexible and elastic, that is why they inflate due to the extra amount of air. While exhaling our breathing muscles relax. But since now there is more air in our lungs, the pressure inside is much higher than outside and the air flows out again; we exhale and our lungs shrink to their normal sizes. This procedure repeats itself again and again. Inhale, exhale. But what happens with the air inside our lungs while we are breathing? While inhaling, the air flows through the trachea, through the bronchial tubes into our lungs and further to the pulmonary alveoli. Here, the oxygen contained in the air is being absorbed and our blood carries it to every part of our body. The more air comes in contact with the alveoli, the more oxygen we can absorb. The more oxygen there is in our lungs, the higher the oxygen level in our blood is. Our entire musculature is well supplied and every single muscle in our body is performing more efficiently. While being under high exertion, our body needs a lot of oxygen which is being transformed into carbon dioxide. This waste product is also being transported by our circulatory system into our lungs and being emitted while exhaling. And this process repeats itself. Day and night, while resting, while moving and under maximum exertion. Inhale, exhale. Breathing affects our whole body: It is a basic process for any kind of physical activity and performance capability. Therefore, a sharper focus on breathing is essential especially for people who are physically active, do a lot of sports and want to push their body beyond its limit.

Training your breathing muscles – the principals behind the Phantom Training Mask.

A lot of muscles are involved in the breathing process. But most important are two main groups of muscles: the diaphragm and the intercostal muscles. The diaphragm is a thin, dome-shaped muscle which lies just beneath the lungs. When contracting, the diaphragm moves further down towards the pelvis into the abdomen. This causes a vacuum between lungs and the diaphram and the lungs inflate. The intercostal muscles are a group of muscles which widen the rib cage; due to that, there’s extra space for the lungs to expand outwardly. Like any other muscle, the better the breathing muscles are trained, the better they work. The stronger they are, the easier the process of breathing is. The more resilient the muscles, the easier the movement. Now we understand why breathing is fundamental for exercise and performance, especially when doing sports. So if we have the feeling of not obtaining optimum performance and not being able to go beyond our restrictions, it may be due to the fact that we didn’t pay enough attention to our breathing and therefore we cannot achieve the best possible results.

How the Phantom Training Mask works – Strengthening your breathing muscles

We are all familiar with that problem: you do sports, train, want to progress and accomplish a goal. But at some point you reach a state where there’s no improvement anymore, and even though you give your best there’s no development. With weak breathing muscles we cannot reach an optimum level of conditioning and power. As mentioned earlier: Breathing is basic for physical performance. It doesn’t matter how ambitious we are, sooner or later our conditioning will fail us, no matter how hard we exercise. Our breathing muscles, the diaphragm and the intercostal muscles, get tired and are unable to work on an optimum level: Our breathing gets faster and more shallow, and the space our breathing muscles provide to our lungs shrinks. The available volume for air decreases. With every breath less and less oxygen and carbon dioxide can be exchanged. As a result, less oxygen can be provided, which has adverse effects especially during periods of physical stress. Summed up, this means that we lose power even faster and are unable to continue our workout. So if we do a lot of sports and have the ambition to improve and get fitter, faster and stronger, we are well advised to focus more on our breathing. With the appropriate training, we can well adjust that general framework. We should use our knowledge of how breathing influences our whole body and our performance to overcome these limitations and achieve our goals. Xhale your limits!