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Your gym is about to make the greatest step forward in the history of fitness with the best that motor science can offer and the highest technological level. Canali System will take your gym a step forward into the future. An extraordinary change of mind-set for both the manager and the client.


This new age begins with the Canali method, the revolutionary scientific-motor approach developed by Vincenzo Canali, whose System, with its machines and workout, simply turn Professor Canali’s method into a daily reality.


A physical education teacher, he has helped train the Italian national women’s artistic gymnastics and trampoline team. He has worked and still works with various international athletes as a postural and gymnastic specialist, combining the Canali System Postural Method with various levels and training methods of many sporting disciplines. He worked as a consultant to specialists in various sporting disciplines, collaborating with sports federations in Italy including the Football, Gymnastics, Equestrian Sports, Tennis, Weightlifting and Diving federations and with the International Athletics Federation (IAAF). Academic expert at the University of Parma, he has conducted seminars in various Italian and international universities (Rome, Milan, Florence, Genoa, Saõ Paulo) and is also a lecturer in Europe and the USA.

The Canali Method

The Canali Method is based on posture re-programming studies conceived and developed by Vicenzo Canali. The application to the Canali System machines is based on a “postural rotation” system that permits constant muscular work and does not cause problems to the spine. This is why when we speak of the future, we already have it on our back.